Why teaching coding in schools, is our responsibility.

With the new Australian Curriculum including coding as part of the required learning throughout primary school, Australia has continued to fulfil it’s duty to prepare kids for the future. Now there are many people out there who have opposed this view, that coding and digital technologies should be compulsory, but I’ll explain to you why it’s important for kids to learn code.

The purpose of school is to prepare children to succeed in the future; to enter the job market and be able to succeed at whatever they may choose. If the fastest growing job market is the digital job market, isn’t only fair that we ready our kids for it by teaching them to code?

Job automation is increasing at an incredible rate; meaning jobs are being completed automatically by an operating system or machinery more than ever before. With 320,000 industrial robots sold in the U.S. alone last year, industrial and agricultural jobs will soon be a thing of the past. Research has shown the potential for up to 47% of current jobs to be made autonomous over the next 20 years. This number varies from country to country however projections for countries like Japan this figure reaches almost 50%.

With the increase in Job autonomy, a wave of new jobs is introduced. 7 of the top 10 fastest growing occupations are currently digital, with the remaining 3 in health services. These jobs include: software engineers, computer support workers, network administrators and analysts and desktop publishers. All of which require a high level of digital literacy. Once the children in primary school today enter university, many jobs of today won’t exist and many jobs of tomorrow will, this is why we must teach our children to code, this is why digital literacy has become so important.

If it is a schools responsibility to prepare kids for the future, it is a schools responsibility to teach kids to code.

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