The Importance of Learning to Code

Why is it important to learn code you ask?

Well, how many times today did you use a phone, computer or tablet?
How many times did you use an app or program?
How heavily does your life depend on these devices, apps and programs?
Do you know at all how these things work?

Not really? Well you’re not alone, very few people do. We’ve come to a place in society where the very things we depend on, we know very little about. Kind of scary isn’t it?

That’s where learning to code comes in.¬†Almost every device you own or interact with runs off of code; the dishwashers, the microwaves, the traffic lights, the computers and tablets, the smartphones, the cars, the digital clocks, the fitbits, all of these devices operate by reading code written by somebody, somewhere. This is the importance of code, it powers our world around us. In-fact 96% of the working western world use technology day to day.

By learning to code you are learning an incredible amount about the world around you.
With the digital job market growing faster than ever, thousands of jobs existing now that didn’t exist 10 years ago and the world growing more and more dependant on technology, now is the time to learn to code.

Where to start:

Here at Code For Kids we recommend for ages 12+ the first coding language to learn is Python. It’s much more straightforward than many languages out there, however will help teach you the basic premise of coding and has many applications in the world today.
For anyone younger than that, we recommend using some of the much simpler object based languages available on website such as, Codeforlife and such sites.