Here at Code For Kids we understand that teaching coding can be intimidating and we aim to simplify it so it is straightforward to understand for both teachers and students. Our main focus through this initiative is the professional development of teachers with a secondary focus to educate students. We really want teachers to feel comfortable with this education, even once our coaches have left the school. We aim to put each school we visit on the right track to delivering their own coding syllabus, we provide on-going online support to help make this happen. Furthermore Code For Kids resources are aligned with the Australian Curriculum, aiming to support teachers in completing  learning objectives within the Digital Technologies section of the Curriculum.

At Code For Kids our vision is to see all children are given equal opportunity to learn the skills of the future. Skills that will allow them to be productive and successful members of our quickly evolving society that becomes more and more reliant on digital technologies every day.

It is our passion to educate as  many children as possible around coding and digital technologies to enable them to transform from passive consumers of technology to active users.