Our History

Code For Kids co-founder Alex Thorpe, begun by helping his mother, a Year 1 teacher by implementing the use of technology in her classroom . Other teachers at her school began asking for the same support. When Coding was introduced to the Australian Curriculum, teachers struggled to incorporate it in the classroom. Alex realised that the problems teachers were facing may in fact be Australia wide and that he and Michael could help with the Code For Kids initiative. Code For Kids now services schools throughout SA and Victoria, with both in-school programs and holiday programs, helping students and teachers alike learn more about Computer Science.



Coding in Society

Coding/Programming is the fastest growing occupation in the world with almost every large organisation, company or business requiring the skills of those who understand it. Whether it’s writing a website, creating an app or programming a piece of technology, coding is essential. Coding is all around us and has been for decades. It landed our first rocket on the moon, it controls our traffic lights, our ATM’s, our dishwashers and of course our phones and computers. The importance of coding has driven Code for Kids to educate our future generations to be active users of technology rather than simply passive consumers.